Evolution of Era

Evolution Data


Glory Requirement

Other requirements

Building Unlockings

Units Unlocked

Savage Age


Town Center, Research Academy, Barracks, Tavern, Civilian House, Warehouse, Market Peltasts
Dark Age 600

Level 10 Hero

Military Armory, City Defense Office, Archery Range, City, Temples, City Gates, City Walls, Towers Archers, Pikemen
Feudal Age 2.500

Spirituality 200

level 20 Hero

Civic Center, Stables, Trade Center Cavalry
Castle Age 10.000

Spirituality 1200

level 1 Merchant

level 40 Hero

Hero Academy, Arsenal Ballista ,Trebuchet
Empire Age 40.000

Spirituality 4800

Level 10 Merchant

Level 60 Hero

War College

Specialty Units

(Tier 5 Units)

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