Arena map mow
There are two ways to win arena battles, you have the option of decimating all of your enemy forces before time runs out (300 seconds), or alternately you can win by destroying the opposing player's flag. If you fail to achieve either before the timer goes down, the battle ends in a draw.

When your hero wins in the arena, they get around 36,000 exp, as well as 3 arena badges. When your heroes ties or draws with the opposing hero, they both get 15,000 exp and 1 arena badge. When your hero loses in the arena, you get 10,000 exp. Conceutive wins (Combo Wins) result in increasingly larger exp awards.

The arena badges can be exchanged in game for Random Arena Gear of various levels, increasing in point value appropriate to their levels. This gear comes in a light blue color, different from Blue Rare gear.

Every player can challenge Arena unlimited times per day.

Add Cooldown for Arena

Cooldown object: Player roles

Cooldown duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown launch condition: After an Arena battle there will be a 10 minute cooldown until you can re-enter.

Added a new button for Arena: Remove Cooldown

Players can click such button with Vouchers or Gift Coupons. The Cooldown for entering The Arena will be removed instantly.


Less than 5 minutes: 5 Vouchers or Gift Coupons

More than 5 minutes: 10 Vouchers or Gift Coupons

The Price will increase relative to the amount of times using Remove Cooldown

1-10 times: Price would be as previous mentioned

11-20 times: for less than/more than 5 minutes, prices would be correspondingly 10/20 Vouchers or Gift Coupons

21-30 times: for less than/more than 5 minutes, prices would be correspondingly 15/30 Vouchers or Gift Coupons

31-35 times: for less than/more than 5 minutes, prices would be correspondingly 20/40 Vouchers or Gift Coupons

The amount of times one can use Remove Cooldown after the 10th time will increase with Level of VIP; every VIP Level up will get extra 5 Cooldown Removal opportunities per day.

V1: extra 5 times

V2: extra 10 times

V3: extra 15 times

V4: extra 20 times

V5: extra 25 times

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