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Glory is measured in points, which are gathered by fighting and building your civilization. Glory is used to designate progress throughout the game.

Gaining GloryEdit

Glory can be gained in the following ways:

- Building and upgrading buildings in the player's main town (building at the campsites gives no Glory).

- Researching new upgrades in the various research buildings.

- Completing lair battles - level 10 lair awards 1 glory, level 20 awards 2, etc up to 10 glory for level 100 lair.

- Completing growth tasks.

Exact Glory values of building and researching are unknown, and should be updated to this wiki, if discovered.

Glory UsesEdit

There are two main uses for Glory, the first is that the different Hero types and Religious Sites have a Glory requirement, the second is that you need Glory to unlock the next Age thus unlocking new buildings and units.

Glory Cities Missionaries Heroes Merchants Temples
2500 1 6 6 6 4
5000 2 7 7 7 5
10000 2 8 8 8 6
20000 2 9 9 9 7
40000 3 10 10 10 8
100000 4 10 10 10 10

Evolution of Era

Evolution Data


Glory Requirement

Other requirements

Building Unlockings

Units Unlocked

Savage Age


Town Center, Production Center, Barracks, Tavern, Civilian House, Warehouse Footsoldiers
Dark Age 600

Level 10 Hero

Military Center, Market, City Defense Office, Archery Range, City, Temples, City Gates, City Walls, Towers Archer, Pikemen
Feudal Age 2.500

Civ. Value 200

level 20 Hero

Civic Center, Stables, Trade Center Cavalry
Castle Age 10.000

Civ. Value 1200

level 10 Merchant

level 40 Hero

Hero Academy, Arsenal Ballista ,Trebuchet
Empire Age 40.000

Civ. Value 4800

Level 30 Merchant

Level 60 Hero

War College Specialty Units

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